Lemon room.

On these pages I shall acquaint you with citrus.

You learn :
How to grow up room, fructifying plants.
How to choose a suitable grade of a room lemon, and can is better than an orange or kinkan?
Where to buy(purchase) саженцы and adult trees?
About illnesses and wreckers of citrus.

And also will find :
Рассказки about a lemon and not only.

And still :
You can place free of charge the announcement of sale саженцев and shanks for an inoculation.

What is that not clear?
On the top strip there are links "About the author" and "Help". I suggest to glance there everything even if all is clear.

лимон Lemon of grade 'Lisbon'
Has ripened at last...
In this photo the atypical form.

To grow up a room lemon not so difficultly.

But all over again I recommend to read through this site, and only after that to get деревце. Rather the reverse.

Instead of an opening address.

This site not only about a lemon, and about all citrus which grow up in room culture. But as the lemon from all citrus is most popular, a narration I shall conduct about it(him). Almost all рассказаное me concerns to all citron trees, and in necessary places difference of a lemon from a tangerine, an orange, кинкана is specified in what.
The contents is cut specially down up to a minimum for technical reasons. My personal observations are put in a basis.
Some data почерпнуты from correspondence with professionals.

Parting words

Kind my reader! Read all under the order, and without haste.
Do not repeat my mistakes, make all how I have written. Words "And so will descend(go)" will not bring to you pleasure.

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